Indiana City Is Having ‘Loud’ Debate Over Noise Issues

A controversial and often contentious debate over noise in the city of Evansville, Indiana, was recently riled up further when the wife of the mayor of Evansville injected herself into the debate in a very public way.

At issue is noise being produced by local bars that play loud music into the wee hours of the night, loud enough to be heard for blocks around and reaching residential portions of the city.

To deal with the issue, the Evansville City Council is debating a new noise ordinance that would put the hammer down on entertainment establishments that have been laying on the volume buttons a little too hard. Even so, there is little agreement about exactly what should be done — or how much power the city should have in telling local bar owners how to run their own businesses.

Now Carol McClintock, wife of Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, has submitted a letter to the city council which expressed her strong desire that action be taken against bar owners. Her letter urged council members to create an ordinance mandating that bar owners dampen the volume.

But the letter immediately triggered critical responses from some Evansville citizens who suggested the mayor’s wife’s efforts were self serving, and that she wanted the noise reduced to benefit herself and her husband more than anything else — and not out of concern for the people of Evansville at large.

In the meantime, debate around the noise issue reamines “noisy” as the council is expected to vote on the matter at its upcoming June 11 meeting.

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