Impersonating MJ Is A Career For Sergio Cortes

Sergio Cortes is a highly talented artist and above all the best impersonator of the legendary ‘King of Pop’ Michael Jackson. His attires, voice, walking and dancing styles are similar to that of MJ. According to a report published throughR7, Sergio Cortes said that it’s a privilege to have similar characters just like MJ. Indeed, these similarities create curiosity and also sharpen the eyes of many fans. Those who have never seen or heard about Sergio before may think that the real MJ is on the stage. Today, Sergio is considered as the best impersonator of Michael Jackson who died in 2009.
Sergio developed interests of copying MJ when he was part of the Jackson 5 when he had just started his career in music and later recognized in the whole world as the ‘King of Pop’. This was the turning point of Sergio’s career of impersonating Michael. He started to concentrate on MJ as he danced, sang and the way he talked to fans and the media. When he was a teenager, Sergio was approached by a local reporter dress like MJ and captured on photos, and since that day there were enormous repercussions on his life. Sergio’s passion of impersonating MJ had doubled since that time.
After he rose to fame, Sergio was invited to perform in different countries as an American Idol. Cortes has performed on various shows because he has ability to resemble MJ on almost everything that he used to do. His followers on Facebook are more than 16,000 fans and you can also follow him. Additionally, Sergio can also be found on Twitter. The social media network has largely exposed Sergio’s work to the public and has received several proposals to perform in different parts of the world. Sergio Cortes said that he was heavily touched by the death of MJ back in 2009.
He thinks that by impersonating the late MJ, he has managed to help the singer’s fans to move on and overcome the loss. Indeed, there are other famous personalities that are impersonated by their fans in Brazil. Singers, politicians, TV celebrities and actors are mainly impersonated. Also, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho are also impersonated by their football fans for the skills they possessed while playing. Sergio Cortes was born in Spain 43 years ago and is being recognized as a celeb across the world.

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