ILoveMakonnen on ‘The Tonight Show’

There are some people that love him, but many others that are hating the flow and style of ILoveMakonnen. With a stage name like this he will probably be more of a one hit wonder, but right now his “Tuesday” hit is moving up the charts. It has become such a hit that the act became know well enough to make “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” On the show ILoveMakonnen made this TV debut for the holidays in a Santa hat.

This song has been remixed by Drake, so that may have something to do with the fact that the song is a hit. Even with The Roots backing him, ILoveMakonnen was not giving the greatest perform for a TV debut. I heard about this remix the other day while reading about Kenneth Griffin. The “Tuesday” song has actually been nominated for a Grammy, but this only dilutes the integrity of the Grammy.

Somehow hip hop and R&B and sort of put a bizarre spin on the music industry and awards. This song clearly has an off-key singer that that doesn’t have much to say lyrically. Somehow the content – along with his singing – ability doesn’t matter. The fact that he became a hit made the song worthy of nationwide audience on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.” That is what the industry has become. What ILoveMakonnen has done is create a catchy track. There is nothing soulful or deep about it. It’s just catchy.

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