Illinois Population Continuing to Shift to Indiana

Over the past decade, the State of Indiana has seen a notable amount of migration from people that live in the State of Illinois. According to a recent news article (, there is a very good chance that this trend could continue over the next few years.


According to the US Census American Community Survey, almost 35,000 people moved from Illinois into Indiana in 2015, which is the most recent year this data is available. This trend is also comparable to the amount of people that have moved into Indiana over the prior few years. The Northwest Indiana Forum for Economic Development believes that this trend will also continue in coming years for a variety of reasons.


One of the big reasons for the amount of people that are looking to move into Indiana is due to the increased cost of living in Illinois. While Illinois real estate prices are moving upwards like they are in other areas of the country, the increase in property taxes has continued to outpace other areas. Today, Illinois has the second highest average property tax rate in the country, after New Jersey. Those that move into Indiana could easily see their property tax bill cut in half. They will also save a lot of money on sales tax and various other forms of taxation as well.


Due to the increased cost of taxes for consumers and businesses, many employers in Illinois are either cutting back on Illinois employment or are exiting completely. Several of these employers have moved into either northwest Indiana or the Indianapolis area, which has led to more people exiting the state.


A lot of people are also moving into Indiana due to improved infrastructure in the area. The Illinois Policy Institute believes that some big projects that are nearing completion could make it a lot easier to get to and from Chicago from Northwest Indiana. This includes the expanded South Shore Line West, which is a popular daily commuter train from Indiana into downtown Chicago. The expansion of this track will allow for more trains and a much faster trip.


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