Igor Cornelsen: Why Brazilian Banks are Making Profits


Brazil is one of the most famous nations of the world. The country’s football team is recognized for its excellent performance, keeping the country in the limelight all the time. However, since 2014, the country has been in the limelight for the wrong reasons. The President of the nation, Dilma Rousseff has not brought any economic growth since he was appointed to the top position. This financial crisis is attributed to the populist policies he believes in.


The international community faced a severe financial crisis in 2008, and Brazil was still recovering from it when Dilma was appointed to power. The international community is, however, shocked because the economic problems in the country have not affected the banking in Brazil in any way. Although the country is not making any progress economically, some banks in the country are making huge profits.


Brazil has two leading banks in the private industry. These banks, Banco Bradesco and Itau Unibanco reported that their shares had gone up by the end of the year 2014. According to the financial statements from both institutions, the banks had made huge profits too. Most investors are not able to understand why the banks can weather the economic storm.


Igor Cornelsen is a respected investment expert who was born and brought up in Brazil. He has a lot of experience in financial matters, and he has been observing the economic climate in the country for a while. Igor says that his country uses some unique practices that are not common in other nations.


According to the financial expert’s blog, the professionals in the Brazilian banks have learned how to survive the harsh economic climate since the 2008 financial crisis. According to Igor Cornelsen, these banks have gained the experience though the hard way.

Igor Cornelsen believes that the private banks are doing well because of the current policies used. According to him, these banks lend their money to the accredited investors who are wealthy and have the ability to repay the loans. This system ensures that the money they lend is safe at the end of the day. The non-accredited investors in the country get their help from the government lending institutions. Igor’s official website provides more information in depth.

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