Igor Cornelsen Has Many Tips From A Successful Career In Investing

Igor Cornelsen has been able to make a fantastic living through his investing carer. In his home country of Brazil, Igor has become a leading real estate investor and he is a regularly sought after financial advisor. Today, Igor is mostly retired, so he likes to spend his time acting as a consultant or advisor for those seeking to build up their success. The rest of his time is spent on leisurely activities that he has always enjoyed, such as Golf. According to Igor, there is no required amount of funds to get started with investing, just a foundation of knowledge that can get one started on the right path. Risk is always apart of the investing industry, but it can be avoided most of the time for safer investing.

Igor Cornelsen was born in 1947 and has spent more than forty years in the investment industry, so his advice is taken very generously by the rest of the investing community. When Igor was just 18 years old, he started attending the Federal University of Parana. Although he started in engineering, he quickly changed his course and focused on economics, which led him to a career of investing and banking.

His first position was at an investment management firm known as Multibanco and he spent two years at the company before he became the CEO. This was a nice position for Igor Cornelsen so soon after his college graduation, but it was soon ended when Bank of America acquired the company. Rather than staying with the corporation in a different position, Igor decided to look for another opportunity, which led him to Libra Bank. After roughly 10 years of successfully climbing the ladder into executive positions, Igor decided he had sufficient experience and funds to start his own investment firm, Bainbridge.

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