Huge Profits Await Art Collector Adam Sender

Adam Sender is a rare mixture of businessperson and art collector, which has often seen his wish to collect the best in contemporary art coupled with a shrewd business sense about his collection. Sender made his name on Wall Street as the head of Exis Capital, a hedge fund he ran in his own unique style from a darkened office filled with computer screens that allowed him to follow the markets and make changes to his portfolio. As he watched over the money invested by his clients, Sender filled his office with a number of major contemporary artworks that reflected his eclectic tastes and told the world there was much more to the financial expert than just a successful hedge fund.

As Sotheby’s puts together a sale that will see 400 pieces of Sender’s art collection sold over a series of months the businessperson in Sender has once again appeared and provided the option of making a large profit on the collection. This is the second time Sender has allowed a chunk of his collection to be sold off after the 2006 sale of 40 pieces for a reported $20 million at auction. Adam Sender is taking a more streamlined approach to life and wishes for his major contemporary art collection to be sold to those who will enjoy it and display the larger pieces in public spaces.

Following the 2006 sale Sender continued to purchase artworks from some of the best known contemporary artists of recent years, which saw the collection again grow to include over 130 different artists. The assistance of Todd Levin as the curator of Sender’s collection allowed the buyer to find new and exciting artists after his collection began in 1998, which could see large profits be made by Sender on a number of important pieces. The large collection will be sold over a period of months as works are placed in different sales, which shows the eclectic nature of the collection assembled by Adam Sender in more than a decade of collecting.

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