How Unroll Me Declutters Email Inboxes


Unroll Me is a New York City-based firm which helps people organize their email inboxes. At a specified time each day, it will “roll up” all of the subscriptions, newsletters, and updates filling up a person’s inbox and organize them all in one single email. Unroll Me makes it easy to unsubscribe from unwanted email.


How you can manage your newsletters, subscriptions, and updates is pretty similar to how the dating app Tinder works. With Unroll Me you swipe them to the left if you don’t want to ever see them again and to the right if you want to keep getting one of these. One of the co-founders of Unroll Me, and its chief executive officer, Jojo Hedaya, said that it’s not just a fun way to deal with subscriptions but is also the best way to organize an inbox and eliminate clutter.


According to Unroll Me, when a new user signs up for their service they usually have 62 subscriptions. They say that around 80% of the emails the average user receives it’s some half-forgotten subscription they once signed up for. Jojo Hedaya says they are not trying to replace any of the email clients that are out there, like Gmail, they just want to make those work better and give people a way to declutter their digital lives. Go Here to learn more.


It has been calculated that 183 billion emails are sent each and every day. A lot of people hate looking at their inboxes because they are stuffed to the gills. However, it is often the case that people brought this state of affairs upon themselves. Many users are too willing to subscribe to anything they see of interest and then wonder why they get way too many emails. Once users have gotten in too deep and their inboxes are driving them crazy they can download Unroll Me and get a handle on this beast. This app was launched on iOS devices in 2011. The Android version of Unroll Me was released in 2017.


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