How TOWN Residential Focuses on Serving Clients: Andrew Heiberger’s Focus

Real estate is by all accounts a service-oriented business, and the top real estate agents in any market understand that they must focus fully on meeting the unique needs of their clients. Of course, the level of service offered by one real estate agent or firm can vary significantly in comparison to the service that may be extended by another agent or firm. Manhattan is a unique real estate market that is dominated by luxury real estate, and the high-end clients in this area demand service. TOWN Residential is among the most notable and reputable firms serving the Manhattan luxury residential real estate market, and a key to its success is serving its clients well.

The Vision of the Company’s Founder
Andrew Heiberger founded TOWN Residential in 2010, but he was not a newcomer to the local market at the time. He had previously worked for several top real estate firms, including in roles as founder and CEO. He also had worked on several notable real estate developments. Heiberger certainly understood the real estate market in Manhattan as well as the demands of high-end clients. When he founded TOWN Residential, he specifically decided that he wanted to pursue the challenge associated with high-end, luxury real estate in Manhattan. Within the first year alone, his firm had listed more than $250 million in sales and rentals, which is a testament to the firm’s ability to work toward the founder’s vision.

How the Company Serves High-End Clients
While there may be many factors that attribute to the overall success of TOWN Residential, the fact is that Heiberger attributes at least part of it toward the firm’s understanding of its clients’ needs and the firm’s ability to meet those needs. He stated that the clients in Manhattan demand service from start to finish. While his team of agents is certainly able to sell a condo with a value of more than $10 million, they also actively service clients throughout all stages of the transaction. They believe that making the client happy is integral to the overall success of the transaction.

Many real estate firms in Manhattan and throughout the metropolitan area state that they service clients, and some do offer superior service. However, the fact that TOWN Residential has thrived in a high-end market like Manhattan is proof that the firm knows how to make its clients happy.

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