How to Properly Manage Reputation Online

Do you have your basis covered when it comes to online management? Do you have a solid online presence for your business? Yes, review sites like, Yelp and Tripadvisor are important, but there are other places as well that you may wish to review. Here are some tips for making sure your online management systems are in place.
Checking for Negative Feedback

There are multiple ways to check for negative feedback online. You don’t have to rely on the same website all the time. While you should check and monitor review accounts, pay close attention to blogs and such as well. Here are a few ways to check for the negative feedback:

Search for “business name and negative feedback.” This is an excellent way to determine if there is anyone who has published negative feedback. Additionally, check your business name and scam to see if anyone is holding grudges against your company. This is especially important for people who have a primary business online.

Use an online search filter that offers to help you check for business complaints. There are many that are available. They can be a great way to filter out such negative content that you might not find with the use of Google.

Respond to Feedback

It’s important to respond to feedback online, both positive and negative. Do not attempt to remove all negative reviews, as many users are very suspicious about how a company with only glowing reviews operates.

It is very important to respond to these complaints appropriately, however; it’s a great way to let people know you really care about replying. When replying to reviews, remember:

• Thank everyone for their feedback, whether bad or good.
• Apologize to anyone who had a negative experience. Offer to make things right.
• Give people the chance to contact you if necessary; offer the channels through which they can resolve their issues.

Once you do these things, you can be confident that you are, in fact, doing everything you can to learn about how to properly manage your online presence.

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