How Talk Fusion Is Pushing The Online Video Industry Forward

The online video solutions company Talk Fusion has announced they will be releasing more apps in 2018. The first one they are releasing is Product Dashboard which polishes their existing five apps, improving both their appearance and their functionality. More apps will be rolled out over the course of the year.

The chief executive officer of Talk Fusion, Bob Reina, said that Product Dashboard is a prelude to what he and his team have planned for the rest of the year. He said his company remains at the top of the heap in its industry because Talk Fusion is always working to improve their apps and add more to the stable. Because of this his company is far ahead of the competition while also being very competitively priced.

Talk Fusion has a number of apps that help people communicate through video to anyone else in the world. Their products include video in emails as well as video conferencing, social networks, and broadcasting. Many business owners are using Talk Fusion apps to communicate with consumers about what they’re all about. Video is the best way to garner attention as compared to marketing through just text or audio.

Talk Fusion’s Video Email was their first app. Business owners can use Video Email in a number of ways, including placing any graphic imagery they choose into their email. There are templates as well so that they can quickly come up with effective marketing campaigns.

CEO Bob Reina, who is also the founder of the company, says that their basic service policy is just a one-time fee of $175 and then $20 a month. This is much less than what other competing companies charge. This lets the business owner create videos up to five minutes in length and there is enough available storage space to save 1000 emails. The high-end package is $375 for the startup fee and they can hold four times as many emails plus they have more ways of individualizing the content they put out.

Talk Fusion is a global company which is headquartered in Brandon, Florida just outside of Tampa. It was founded in 2007 and quickly established itself as one of the market leaders. Their products are sold in over 140 countries by independent associates who earn a commission on every sale they complete. Their products are designed to help their customers reach a broader market and increase their sales and profits. Learn more:

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