How Lenard McKelvey Became Charlamagne Tha God


Charlamagne Tha God has written a new book. The title is “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me” and in it he discusses his difficulty handling post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety, and his decision to undergo therapy.


You might think that it is surprising that someone who seems to have the perfect life would be suffering from emotional distress. But Charlamagne did not always enjoy success. In his early days as Lenard McKelvey in South Carolina, he was often in trouble with the law and even spent over a month in jail. However, those negative experiences had an impact on his life and Charlemagne vowed to work hard to get onto the right path.


Once he was released from jail, he went to night school, got a job as a radio intern and the rest is now history. Charlamagne is probably best known as the host of the syndicated IHeart radio program The Breakfast Club. This show gives him a platform to discuss issues of racism, the world of hip hop, society, and politics. He does this in a unique way with sometimes controversial guests and always provocative opinions. He is also a Viacom TV personality, executive producer of his own production company, and cohost of the podcast Brilliant Idiots.


He tells that he wrote the new book so that others might read his message. He wants all to know how the anxiety and fear created by racism and other social ills can create unhealthy emotional states. He also wants to tell how you can ask for help to manage your issues and to make changes in your lifestyle. He explains that the book’s title pays tribute to two different hip hop songs whose lyrics are relevant to his own experiences. Go To This Page for more information.


Charlemagne Tha God regrets his past actions but knows that with help he was able to turn his life around. He just wishes that he was not judged on his lifestyle of 20 years ago.


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