How a Philosophy Degree Led One Man to Success

The biotech industry is one of constant growth and excitement. It stands on the cutting edge of technology and commerce and is likely to create stunning breakthroughs that will change the way we live forever. People in the biotech industry must be highly intelligent, highly skilled and technologically minded.

So, why does one of the top biotech executives, educators, lecturers and writers have a PhD in philosophy? Because you never know where life is going to take you.

Dr. Mark Ahn is the biotech expert in question and one with over 10 years of experience providing the industry with the greatest insights, guidance, and innovations it has ever seen. Dr. Ahn is an inspirational force in the industry thanks to his dedication, his passion and his unique way of looking at the biotech industry.

Ahn’s education was threefold: a BA and MBA from Chaminade University, an MA in Business from Victoria University and a PhD in Philosophy from the University of South Australia. He was also a graduate fellow in Economics at Essex University.

If there is one degree that seems to make little sense on Ahn’s resume, it is his Philosophy PhD. It makes sense, though, if one understands the way Dr. Ahn’s mind works. Though it is heavily rooted in scientific and business matters, it has an exploratory side that is perfectly suited for the world of philosophy.

That background has helped him earn a wide range of posts in his life, such as President and Chief Executive Officer, and Director of Galena Biopharma, chair of Science and Technology Management at Victoria University and as Vice President of Hematology and corporate officer at Genentech.

It has also helped Dr. Ahn become a highly regarded author on a variety of fields in the subject. His groundbreaking books and articles have been peer-reviewed and are often used as textbook guidelines for biotech business management.

For example, Ahn and William D. Falloon collaborated on 1991’s Strategic Risk Management: How Global Corporations Manage Financial Risk for Competitive Advantage, a tome that illustrated creative risk taking skills and how to turn failure into success.

Although Ahn is primarily focused on promoting business excellence, he is also interested in education endeavors. For example, he holds adjunct professor positions at a variety of universities, including Portland State University and Carnegie Mellon University. Ahn works hard to ensure that his students fully grasp the intricate details of his lectures.

Philosophy is often a driving force between his writing and lectures, focusing on the way various thought processes can contribute to business success. Dr. Ahn’s experience in the world of philosophical discourse gives him a unique insight that more business and technological oriented biotech executives and educators lack.

His intelligence, education, hard work, and creative thinking skills have turned him into an expert in one of the most exciting career fields in the world. That’s also why he has such a massive Twitter following of like-minded individuals.

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