Greg Secker: Philanthropist, Entrepreneur and Foreign Exchange Expert

On January 5th, former world boxing champion Nonito Donaire, Jr. partnered with philanthropist and entrepreneur Greg Secker to turn over homes to victims of a recent typhoon in Capinahan, Lemory, Iloilo. More than 100 homes were turned over to victims, and Donaire said that the trip was part of his mission to get professional athletes involved in philanthropic and social justice projects.

Nonito Donaire was originally put in contact with Greg Secker through a friend. Secker then invited him to fly over from Las Vegas to join the Iloilo turnover because of Donaire’s dedication to using his fame as a platform for helping those in need; Donaire previously donated one million pounds back in 2009 to build homes for victims of typhoon Ondoy. Donaire expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to partner with the Greg Secker foundation to help those affected by the recent typhoon in Iloilo.

This isn’t the first time that Secker’s foundation has been a part of typhoon recovery efforts. When typhoon Haiyan hit Iloilo back in 2013, Secker helped identify an affected location to build over a hundred homes for victims. The community where the homes were built is now known as the, “Greg Secker Foundation Village.”

Greg Secker is an English businessman who is best known for his philanthropy and his innovations in the field of foreign exchange,. He has founded several successful companies, including Learn to Trade, the world’s largest trader training service, and FX Capital, a forex investing service with managed accounts. He was also the entrepreneur behind Smart Charts, which is now considered one of the most effective Forex trading systems in the world.

Secker’s philanthropic efforts have been coordinated through his non-profit organization, the Greg Secker Foundation, which he founded in 2010. His Foundation is focused largely on global disaster relief efforts, particularly typhoon relief in Lemory, but the organization has also worked with youth programs to improve education and foster powerful life skills in less fortunate communities. In March of 2017, City Philanthropy appointed him a member of their Board of Ambassadors in recognition of his relief efforts, and he was also named one of Richtopia’s “200 Most Influential Philanthropists and Social Entrepreneurs.”

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