Great Economic And Environmental Move

Over the years, many bodies are fighting the use of dirty coal power and are encouraging the use of renewable energy. The Reno City Council has also shown their support by voting renewable energy over the coal power. Their vote made them a prominent firm in the area to pledge their support for Clean Power Plan like many private companies. The voices from the private sector firms have pressed the utilities and led the society towards the renewable energy. They helped in creating awareness to the community about the adverse effects of using the coal power. The United States need an energy source that will help in economic growth and that will be economical to all citizens.

The Clean Power Plan has political influence, and the leaders need to use it to reach to the citizens. These elected officials should use this plan to show their actual leadership and not just their compliance to their duties. We can integrate the policy with a stronger and healthy economy if only we educate the local communities about the disadvantages of using the coal. All elected officials must be in a position to implement the long-term and logical thinking of using renewable energy. The drought, poor air, and the increased forest fires are the proof of carbon components in the atmosphere.

As a community, we can change this type of environment by encouraging companies that fight the use of coal in the region. Many investors have already shown interest in providing clean energy. These companies will not only provide clean power but also create jobs and help in the growth of our economy. The article aims at seeking support from the local society and the leaders to support this policy. It was published through the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Andy Wirth is the publisher of the above and his experience in the tourist industry has equipped him with the facts affecting the atmosphere. Mr. Andy has contributed to the community and environmental service organizations with an aim of improving this area. All his life he has worked towards campaigning for environmental rights.

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