Graeme Holm, Ensuring Financial Fitness In Australia

The desire to help fellow Australians to improve their finances and achieve financial fitness is what drove Graeme Holm to launch Infinity Group Australia in the year 2013. Holm is known for employing a customer-driven approach, a trait that brought tangible results among them, causing Infinity Group Australia to rank among the country’s fastest growing money management and debt Reduction Company.


The Director of Infinity Group Australia Graeme Holm happens to be among the leading 100 Brokers in Australia and has managed to establish branches in Port Macquarie, Cronulla, Brisbane, and Bella Vista. Holm started out his financial services career 17 years ago in the banking industry before leaving to start Infinity Group Australia together with his wife Rebecca Walker in 2013.


Holm says the lack of support, guidance, services, and advice for families in traditional financial service providers is what informed the ideals on which Infinity Group operates. The company offers a personal banker who helps clients to pay their loans in the shortest time possible. The guidance and assistance that Infinity group provides have enabled clients to be able to pay off more of their home loans in the first three months compared to 12 months that they would have taken to pay for the same is they were to use traditional bank structure. Holm equates his company’s services to those of a personal trainer. He explains that having a personal trainer would lead to better results in training just as a personal finance assistant would help you plan your finances better.


Other services offered by Infinity Group Australia include wealth creation, retirement solutions, and debt reduction. Where they have a loan term of 30 years from the bank, most of Infinity group’s clients manage to repay their loans within an average of 7- 10 years. Holm attributes this to the structures he has put in place at Infinity group. For example, the financial coaches push a client to stick to a weekly cash only budget while depositing all other monies into a transactional loan account, reducing the daily interest charges. By adhering to this strategy, a client avoids excessive spending which translates to a record pace for finishing repayment of the loan.


Just like in every other business, Infinity Group is not without challenges. Holm says his biggest problem has been to find staff who are as passionate as him when it comes to helping people achieve financial wellness. He hopes to continue offering his financial coaching services well into the future.

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