Graeme Holm: Encouraging People to Manage their Finances

Australians have been relying heavily on their credit cards, and they have been identified as one of the countries that registered a huge instance of debt. Graeme Holm, who is an Australian businessman, wanted to help these people to manage their finances. He established the Infinity Group Australia with the primary objective of assisting people to change their spending habits, and through the years of operation, the company has helped hundreds of people. Graeme Holm has been in the financial business for more than 17 years, and the skills that he acquired over time are now being used to his clients who wanted to see changes in the way they spend their money.



Graeme Holm has been working in the banking industry before establishing his own business. He grew tired of the monotonous tasked that he has been doing for years, so he decided to quit and built his own company instead. He also thought about new ideas that can be introduced to the public, but after he realized that a lot of Australians are having problems with their debt, he ended up establishing a firm that would help them manage their finances and control their expenses to be able to pay their debts. The business that he established, called the Infinity Group Australia, quickly became known around the country because of their promise to change the lives of those who are indebted.



As of today, the company has helped over a hundred individuals who had problems with their debt. Graeme Holm also revealed the steps on how they are helping these people. He said that their clients are required to make their expenses table, indicating where their income goes. After checking out the information shown to them, they will decide which ones would have to stay and which ones should go. For those who have excessive debts, Graeme Holm tends to focus on providing their clients with an expenses table that requires them to buy only the most important needs, like groceries, water, and gasoline. All other things are considered as wants, and he is telling his clients that if they wanted to notice changes instantly, they would have to follow the strict guide given by the company.



When the client agrees to the plan, Infinity Group Australia would call the creditors and offer a timetable when the client could pay all of the debts. Normally, the interests and other penalties are removed. After everything has been set, Infinity Group Australia would start monitoring the client. They would also remind them of not spending too much so that their goal can be achieved. Graeme Holm is so proud of his company, and he even highlighted one of their cases involving a young man who incurred more than $96,000 debt. The Infinity Group Australia helped the young man clear his debt, and he is now living debt-free.



Graeme Holm, through his company, has been advising the public not to fall inside the debt trap due to excessive use of credit cards. He has been offering them an alternative solution to clear their debts, as well as helping them gain more profit and plan for their future. Learn more:


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