Getting to Know Dan Newlin

My friend introduced me to a man named Dan Newlin last year after I got in a severe automobile accident that broke both my legs and neck. She informed me that he was one of the best personal injury lawyers in the state of Florida. At that point in time I had to trust her. After meeting with him for the first time, I understood exactly what my friend Sherrie was talking about. He was very organized, efficient and determined when it came to my case. I really thought that he would be some slum lawyer from an online college, but I was mislead in every way. He was going to be my saving grace in life. He would be the one to walk into the courtroom with me and win the case. In return giving me back all the money I spent on medical bills and an at home nurse.

To my satisfaction, the case was won without much work being done. Dan Newlin made the entire scenario seem so simple, when in reality I should have lost the case. But, because of Dan, I now have paid off all of my bills and am back to work finally, making a steady income for my family. Without him I would be struggling to provide for my family and probably would not be where I am today. If there is anyone in my life that I owe all my thanks to, it is him. If at any point in my life I need a personal injury lawyer again, I will have no issues with returning to Dan Newlin to have him help me with my case. I have already given his number out to multiple people that were in need of his expertise and determination. So far everyone has been happy with what he has done for them. Check out this article on Findlaw.

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