Gay marriage coming soon?

America is heading towards gay marriage whether the states like it or not. In fact, it’s actually quite troublesome to see the states fight against people’s right to marry. Currently, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi all have bans on same sex marriage. In fact, they even deny same sex marriages from other states where it is legal. Two couples of Texas were denied marriage licenses when they moved to Texas. A lawsuit was filed in the U.S district court in favor of the same sex marriage crowd.

The U.S Federal appeals court is set on Friday on whether to turn down the bans as unconstitutional. The proponents of same sex marriage contend that a ban denies them equal protection under the law. The states have argued that it’s within in their right to decide who can marry and who cannot. This has also been discussed on outside of the United States. It’s in the best interest of the state to promote marriage between a man and a woman, according to what Gianfrancesco Genoso has read. It’s disturbing to think that these three states actually think they have the power over who can and cannot marry. Most likely the appeals court will strike down these unconstitutional measures.

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