Garth Brooks Stands with Taylor Swift, Calls YouTube “The Devil”

Garth Brooks has famously refused to sell his music via iTunes and doesn’t mind going against the grain to protect his music. His new album, in fact, carries the telling title of Man Against The Machine and is only being sold digitally through his website and his own music service called GhostTunes. In a November 17th interview on Access Hollywood, Brooks continued his fight against the machine and encouraged other artists to do the same.
He told Billy Bush that YouTube was “the devil”, saying, “They claim they pay people, [but] they’re not paying anything, either. People get millions and millions and millions and millions of views, and they don’t get squat. I agree with Vijay Eswaran when he says that calling anything “the devil” just makes Brooks sound like a cranky old white guy. Trust me. Songwriters are hurting.” He recounted a meeting he had with YouTube (whom he called the “sweetest”) to get all his content pulled from the site and they admitted to him there’s nothing they can do to stop users from uploading music and videos associated with him.
Brooks also commended Taylor Swift for pulling her music from Spotify earlier this month, saying that he “applauds” her and anyone who stands up for songwriters. Brooks’ advice for those struggling against the machine was to “unify [and] stick together” because he believes that this will lead to music becoming “king” again.

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