FreedomPop’s Wifi Services Saved My Daughter From Hackers

My daughter is away at college, but she lives close enough to me to where I get to see her every weekend. I couldn’t imagine not being able to see my daughter on a regular basis, so I’m glad that things have worked out the way they did. The only problem is that my daughter needs Internet access, and she has to go to the library whenever she needs to use the Internet. She takes her laptop to the library with her to access the Internet, but she may also access wifi at a restaurant. I never thought much of her using free wifi until she noticed that some of her applications on her laptop had been moved around.

My daughter thought that someone had gotten into her laptop and messed with her settings, and she was right. It turned out that some hacker was able to get into her laptop through the free wifi she had used, and she was just lucky that she had no financial information on her laptop. After we talked about her situation, she asked me to get her a wifi connection that she could take with her. I wasn’t certain what to do, but I know that wifi is supposed to be expensive. I found a low cost alternative, which is FreedomPop.

FreedomPop has free Internet services as well as cell phone services, but they also have wifi hotspots that can be taken anywhere. I decided I would try out the services for my daughter, and the price was very reasonable. I went ahead and paid for the services for my daughter to have wifi, and she now has a secure connection that she can carry with her. After resetting the password on her laptop, she hasn’t had any more problems with hackers. Things have been better since I gave her FreedomPop wifi because she doesn’t have to worry about someone getting her information.

I had never thought to try FreedomPop for myself, but after getting the wifi services for my daughter, I decided I would get the Internet in my home through FreedomPop. It turns out that the services are free of charge as long as I stay within the guidelines of my account. I have no problem with using less Internet than my daughter because I don’t have school work that I need to do. I signed up for FreedomPop, and now I’m able to have wifi as well as Internet service in my house.

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