FreedomPop Enters The U.K.

FreedomPop has arrived in the United Kingdom and the way consumers look at mobile service may end up being changed forever. A completely free 4G mobile service is going to be available in the U.K. an budget providers now has a serious challenger in their backyard.

FreedomPop is a Los Angeles-based provider hoping to become a big name on a global basis. In the United Kingdom, budget operators such as TalkTalk and Tesco Mobile own a decent amount of the market. All this may change and do so rapidly now that FreedomPop on engadget has received an infusion of venture capital. The funds are intended to serve a major purpose: expand into the international market.

The free service is not 100% free. A set-up charge is required in order to turn on the basic monthly service. (The cost runs about £7) Now, that basic plan is free. The basic service delivers 200 minutes of calls and 200 free texts along with 200 vaunted megabytes of data for wireless internet.

The three different “200” amounts are more than generous for most people. The average person might not ever require this much per month so the free deal ends up being extremely cost-effective for them.

What happens when the subscriber does run out of all those free minutes, text, and data? The subscriber just has to buy a little more. Various packages beyond the initial free offerings are used up. The cost runs between £4.99 and £16.99. Such fees are relatively nominal so the expanded service is still well within the affordable budget range of many.

FreedomPop’s 4G service is radically different from the other providers in the U.K. It will likely take some time for a new service to become well-established in the market. Per FreedomPop’s management, only 50,000 subscribers are necessary to turn a profit. The number is probably going to be reached without much trouble.

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