Founder of James River Capital on Managing Burnout

James River Capital Corp. is an independent investment company founded by the current Chairman and CEO Paul Sanders. Initially, the company was a department of Kidder, Peabody & Co. before being acquired by Sander in 1995 as an investment firm. Paul Sanders graduated with a BA from the University of Virginia and received an MBA from Chicago University. His role in the company has contributed to many diversification achievements due to his experience in the business as well as a rigid executive team behind him.


Helping Employees Fight Burnout


Paul Sanders in one of his articles highlights some of the crucial elements to help employees prevent the impacts of burnout. Burnout is a condition where employees undergo physical and emotional fatigue resulting from overworking or work-related stress. Despite humans being able to deal with anxiety naturally, some may exceed leading to lethargy, cynicism and reduced productivity. Some of the signs of burnout include loss of confidence, change in attitude and laziness much resulting from underappreciated employees in the company.


Tips to Prevent Burnout




Paul Sanders encourages employers to provide employees with a sense of control through enabling them to express their opinions while avoiding constrictions which make them feel helpless. For instance, employees should be given about 10-15 minutes to highlight some of the day’s objectives to accomplish thus motivating a degree of control during the workday. Stiff policies and tight schedules should always be avoided at any given time as they contribute to a reduced sense of control.




Negativity and antipathy at work from the management are other causes of burnout due to situations such as improper compensations and denied promotions. The administration should always be open in communication while offering precise results or feedbacks to the staff hence encouraging transparency. Besides, employees should be valued and treated equally at all times while notifying them on changes, and progresses of the company.


Providing Support in Managing Stresses


Long-term stresses are the most common causes of burnout resulting from employee work-related exhaustion. Sanders suggests that employers should always provide support services to help their employees manage stress through strategies such as workshops, strengthening communication and vacations or day off work. For instance, Sanders has offered his employees a free gym to make them work out and relax as a measure to prevent cases of burnout.


Regaining Confidence


Confidence is crucial for employees in any given company as it keeps them working hence enhancing operations. Employees with reduced confidence end up disengaging with work as well as struggling to keep up with the activities. As such it is essential to provide support to them through being honest, proactive and flexible as well as helping them in developing their goals at work. Similarly, help them in achieving their daily objectives which would eventually regain their confidence while maximizing company performance. Learn more:


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