‘Food Desert’ Areas in Indiana Raise Concern as Residents Struggle to Find Solution

Some areas of Indianapolis are struggling with a shortage of available healthy food. These areas that have become known as ‘food deserts’ are increasing as more grocery stores close. This issue has attracted the attention of the mayor’s office as Marsh Supermarkets continue to leave residents living in ‘food deserts’ with no option for healthy food choices.


Many residents in the Irvington area are feeling the negative effects of the massive store closings. Unfortunately, many of the people living in this area can’t afford their own cars. To make matters worse, this area’s local transportation options are expensive as well. With more Marsh Supermarkets closing every month, many residents are left without sufficient food sources within walking distance.


The mayor’s office of Indianapolis estimates that 20% of city residents live in these ‘food deserts’. Some of the closing stores are located in low-income areas that already have a lack of healthy food options. In an interview with Channel 13 WTHR, the deputy mayor of community development admitted that the existence of ‘food deserts’ continues to reveal the “challenges of food access and food insecurity” for some low-income areas.


Meetings are already being scheduled between the mayor’s office and residents to find possible solutions to this problem. First and foremost, temporary food access needs to be established for the ‘food deserts’. Major grocery stores must then figure out strategies to maintain a presence in areas of higher need. The mayor’s office must take responsibility for these issues and take steps to improve the situation.


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