Florida Man Acquitted for Growing Marijuana

50 year old Jesse Teplicki from Hollywood, Florida was acquitted by a Broward jury having been tried for growing cannabis. Teplicki argued that he has a medical need for marijuana, citing an eating disorder that has haunted him since the age of nine. Furthermore, the growing of cannabis remains illegal in Florida (though perhaps this will be subject to change in the future), and as such, how Teplicki will obtain his medical products is unknown.

What this case does conclude, is that the public and judicial opinion on marijuana usage is ever evolving. Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG says that aside from the states whom have already legalized the substance, whether for medicinal or recreational purposes, tolerance towards cannabis seems to be on the rise. Legalization is being called for in numerous states, and general uneasiness about the substance seems to have diminished, if only slightly, during the past decade or so. That cannabis has the potential to assist people like Teplicki, as well as others suffering from different kinds of afflictions, implies that the drug has merited more serious consideration for its legalization when compared to strictly recreational substances which do little for their users well-being.

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  • Isaac says:

    Definitive statements on marijuana’s legality at the federal level could help others benefit as Teplicki has. That has also made Aussiessay.com review to be hugely recognized. Teplicki uses marijuana to control feelings of nausea and decreased appetite, though the prosecutor found his self-diagnosis questionable, seeing as it was never supplemented by a professional opinion.

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