Flavio Maluf Blazing the Trail in Environmental Protection

Flavio Maluf is a renowned businessman in Brazil, and he presently serves as the president of several companies including Eucatex and GrandFood Group. Eucatex S.A. Industrial Company is among the foremost producers of doors, floor partitions, wood fiber sheets, MDP panels, varnishes, and paints, etc. This conglomerate has headquarters in Sao Paulo and regional offices in other cities within Brazil and abroad.

Since inception in November 1951, Eucatex relies heavily on eucalyptus as a raw material which made investing in land and reforestation efforts necessary. These efforts ensure self-sufficiency regarding supply so the company can thrive and increase profitability. Over the years, the company’s strategic aims evolved to include championing environmental sustainability and other activities relating to social good in Brazil.

The company has established an Environmental Education Program (PEA) dubbed “Casa da Natureza” based in the capital and other places like Anhembi, Salto Avaré, and Bofete. Casa da Natureza invites participants mainly from students in the public school education system where they learn about environmental conservation. This project aims to impart knowledge on proper preservation of forests from wanton degradation; urban planting and recovery planting parks; and the importance of using eucalyptus in manufacturing.

Since the founding of Casa da Natureza, this education program has attracted an upwards of 27,000 visitors which is a testament to its validity in Brazil and beyond. Eucatex goes above and beyond to uplift the lives of communities who reside in proximity to its operations. The company sends its environmental specialists to interact with communities and perform socioeconomic diagnoses. They hold open dialogues about the impact of engaging in commercial activities inside forests and collaborate with locals to improve their livelihood by through the apiculture program and other initiatives. So far, the forestry unit of Eucatex has generated over 1000 jobs directly, and it stimulates the local economy.

Fire prevention is another central responsibility that Flavio Maluf is concerned with by erecting firebreaks, awareness creation, scouting rounds to detect fires, and of course, a 0800 hotline to report fire incidences. In sum, Eucatex has proved itself as an environmentally friendly behemoth all thanks to Maluf’s leadership.

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