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Brian Mulligan aged 55 is the current Chief Executive Officer of Media, Sports Advisory and Entertainment Company Brooknol Advisors. In the duration of his illustrious 30 year career, Brian has served as CEO, COO, Chairman, or CFO of virtually all verticals of media and entertainment including at Universal Pictures as Co-Chairman and Fox Broadcasting as Chairman where he was in charge of the Fox TV stations group, the Fox Cable Networks, Fox sports and the business dealings of the entire Fox Network. He also held the CEO docket at Universal Television between 2002 and 2004 and served at a Fortune 50company as EVP/CFO and as SVP at MCA INC. At Strategic planning and Corporate Development Universal, Brian served as EVP while at Boston Consulting, he was Executive Advisor. Mulligan also held the Vice President slot for a Money Centre Bank in the past. As a result, Brian was key in many transactions involving media and entertainment worth more than $175 billion.

Brian has wide expertise in different fields that include recording and publishing music, Cable and cable channels, TV, sports, media, theme parks, video games and international entertainment. Brian is also a veteran in DBS and in the proper structuring of companies’ long term existence. Brian holds membership in the digital roundtable based in Los Angeles, the Institute of Sports Business, the Media Roundtable and International Entertainment. Mr. Mulligan is a reserved speaker for the entertainment and sports industry including the Aspen Sports Institute and upcoming businesses. Among the honors bestowed upon Brian is his recent inclusion in the 50 most powerful people in Hollywood by the Premier Magazine. He was also mentioned among the top 10 most prominent Hollywood Bankers in an article released by the LA business journal while Law 360 regarded him among the top investment bankers on upcoming business trends.

Brian attended the University of Southern California from where he graduated with his Business Administration degree. He proceeded to attain his Business Administration Masters from the John Anderson Management School. Brian is a known and highly rated sports writer partly because of his Brooknol Advisors sports advisory brand. Among Brian’s sports publications include the Deflategate case, Roger Goodell and his connection to cases of domestic violence in the NFL among others.
Mulligan is involved in political and charity projects such as “A Better LA” among others. He is also involved in youth sports projects development.

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