Fiat Chrysler To Spin Off Ferrari

The newly traded stock of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles went way up this week due to the announcement that they will be spinning off Ferrari. Share prices went up to over $11.50 at one point on October 29th. This is up from an opening trading price of about $9 per share not long ago when the joint company first went public on the US exchange. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said that current shareholders will get ninety percent of the new Ferrari shares when they begin trading sometime during the next year. The remaining ten percent of shares will be held by Fiat Chrysler. A Forbes article provides more information about this car company. The company has an aggressive growth plan for the future and looks to greatly increase worldwide sales by 2018.

The Alfa Romeo 4c is just one of the new cars that the company plans to release in the United States. The 4c is a potent new sports car that is designed to catch your attention. It is already getting rave reviews from magazines and other reviewers. Weighing in at under 2500 pounds, it is light, quick, and a blast to drive. It is their hope from Marnie is that the new public interest in the company and allow the other cars in their lineup will sell well.

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