Farewell Interview with Ambassador Daniel Taub

When Daniel Taub first shook hands with the Queen of England, he was presenting his credentials as the Israeli ambassador to the U.K. Despite his glittering shoes and morning tail coat; there was one thing which could not escape the attention of those present, the kippah.

Although he was born in the U.K, Taub seemed to have wanted to pass a message that his beliefs and practices as an Orthodox Jew were unshakeable.

The Queen was aware that Taub had been given the mandate to represent a country to which he had immigrated less than 30 years ago. “For me, it is going to be a great privilege to raise our children in our ancestral land where we have been exiled from for over 2000 years, at the same time I do not take for granted for the opportunities I have had in this country.

All in all, I am very happy to look back and see the steps I have made to bring these two countries together” said Taub.

After four years of serving as an ambassador, Daniel Taub feels that he still has a duty of uniting Israel and the UK considering the opportunities many Israelites have had in the UK. “I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude to this country, and I think that is how every Israelite here feels like” he asserted.

Taub also mentioned that his faith as a Jew has never been shaken and that there was nothing which was going to change that.

There is no doubt about the role that Taub has played in presenting Israel’s case to the UK and the world in general. He has been seen in TV programs such as Newsnight and Today as well as several business luncheons trying to make people understand Israel’s agenda on a global scale.

Of course, there are several individuals who feel that Taub has not done much as expected. Nonetheless, much of his work can be seen both from within and without. He concludes by saying that the relationship between Israel and the UK have improved.

“Ever since I was sent here to represent Israel, I have been able to present nothing but Israel’s agenda. Trade between the two countries has improved, and we have witnessed an influx of Israeli business here in the UK. In my opinion, the relationship between the two countries is stronger than ever before”, said the outgoing ambassador.

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