Fantasy Football Rankings – Martavis Bryant

Just what will it take for WR Martavis Bryant from the Pittsburgh Steelers to jump into WR1 territory?

Recap of Season 2016

Letting a plethora of fantasy football owners down, Martavis failed a drug test for the second time and was suspended for the entire season of 2016.

Recap of Season 2014-2015

In the 4th round, Martavis was drafted and inactive for the initial six games. The stagnancy was due to an A/C sprain and poor performance. Then, scoring a touchdown from an impressive 35 yards, he blew into the fantasy football rankings scene.

In 2014, he started only 3 games, but was an important role in every one of the final ten games. From those 11 games, Martavis obtained 548 yards and 32 receptions.

Pre-season of 2015, Martavis failed a drug test and was suspended for the initial four games. Then, he suffered from a knee sprain during training. In week six, Martavis returned to the Steelers with Mike Vick. There, he exploded in the very first game of the football season. Stats: 6 receptions on 8 targets for 137 yards and 2 TDs.

2017 Path for Fantasy Football Rankings Owners

First and most importantly, Martavis Bryant must play! There are 54 games possible, with Martavis being suspended for 23 and playing only 24. If Martavis can remain on the field for 16 games, he can possibly make it to WR1 territory.

Martavis could get to 120-130 targets for 2017 which would leave him on the low end finishers of WR1.

Catch Rate–

Rookie = 56%. 2015 = 59%. Removing games without Ben/Brown, brings him back to 56%. No passes caught since 2016-2016 season.


2015=70 reception. Last year, wide receivers ending with WR8-WR17 had more than 80 receptions. Martavis would need 23-25% increase in target share to reach the 80-90% range.


Yardage for WR1 is around 1,100 yards. Martavis has averaged a little over 15 yards per reception. Using that, 70 receptions lands him barely over 1,000 yards.



Martavis has helped many fantasy football ranking owners win games. He scored 14 touchdowns in 24 games. That converts over 14 percent of his career catches for touchdowns. 8-10 touchdowns is definitely within his range of possible outcomes.

WR1 Possibility-



Martavis- WR21 in standard, WR29 in half pt PPR, and down at WR34 in full PPR. Low ranking reasons include fear of being suspended again. However, his stats and expectations seem to likely end him on the low end of WR1. Needing minimal improvements in catch rate and target share, Martavis could easily finish as a WR1.

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