Expanding Health Coverage: Renown Health

Renown Health is currently Northern Navada’s largest health care network. The not-for-profit organization currently own and operates an abundant amount of resources, medical machinery, facilitates and experienced staff members. Aimed at providing individuals with the best and most economical medical assistance available, Renown Health is ever-growing and expanding to increase their potential coverage area.The latest addition to Renown Health’s facility location was recently announced. A building in The Summit Mall in South Reno will serve as the new family practice center. Equipped with its very own laboratory and a possible confrence room for privacy, the new location is expected to further increase service for Renown Health.

The 10,000 square foot facility will possibly have additional features added in the future. As of now, the clinic will operate with 11 total medical staff memebers and ample space to keep the new facility warm and inviting.Renown Health has maintained an impressive reputation as a not-for-profit medical network. Investing all earned funds back into the community has helped the company continue their upwards growth.

The best medical network has also worked exclusively with select partners to further increase their avaliable services. These partners includes The University of Navada, Reno Medical School, DRI innovation center, Remsa, Stanford University School of Medicine, Standford Health Care and Stanford Children’s Health.With an impressive 6,000 doctors, nurses and care providers avaliable, Renown’s goal of expanding health coverage across Reno is easily obtainable. The not-for-profit organization has helped redefine the ideology of health coverage and medical assistance.


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    Renown Health currently operates 12 primary clinic facilities throughout Navada. These locations include Reno-Sparks, Fallon, Fernley, Caughlin Ranch and Carson City. It might have been so serious for online assignment maker to be able to gather all the facts in which people might not understand too.

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