Eucatex on its Way to Dominating the Brazilian Building Industry

Eucatex, the multi-billion dollar company, started back in 1950, its mother company was the Americana Sawmill Americana, which was then producing and distributing wood to the local market. The Brazilian building industry was in dire need of affordable, quality ceiling tiles; Eucatex filled this market gap by providing just that. Following its inception in the 50s, Eucatex became the first company in the building industry to use eucalyptus as raw material in the large-scale production of ceiling tiles. Initially, the ceiling tiles were produced to meet the demand of the local market but the product quality was so high that it saw the company exporting it all over Europe. Eucatex is among the top industries in Brazil producing and supplying building materials both locally and internationally.

Eucatex also recycles used hard boards, an environmentally friendly move. In 2007, the company produced 10.8 million liters of paint. Eucatex’s paint accounted for 15 percent of the paint sales in the country; there was an increment in the sale by 3 percent. This company is ranked the seventh largest paint producer in Brazil as a country, commanding a three percent market share. Eucatex has a short term goal of increasing its market share by 2 percent; this goal is purely realistic based on the good leadership that the company has, not forgetting the dedicated 2,200employees on its payroll. The company prides itself with the production of high-quality products that their customers prefer over other products from different companies.

This company has visionary executives who ensure that the decisions made are beneficial to the organization both now and in the future. Eucatex Company is currently under the leadership of Flávio Maluf; he has been with the company since 1987 and worked through various positions and would later be named the President and Chief Executive Officer of the company in the year 1997. Mr. Flávio Maluf has been very instrumental in the company’s leadership and has pushed the company to greater heights since he was named the president. Mr. Flávio Maluf understands the global and the Brazilian market, and this has propelled the company a couple of steps further putting it on the international map. He has effectively managed the eucalyptus plantation since his appointment as the president of the organization. This eucalyptus plantation is very important in the day to day running of the organization since it is the chief source of raw materials for the company.

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