Equities First Holdings South Africa Bringing Capital to the Needy Businesses

Equities first Holdings is a stock-based lender company that was founded in 2002. Its headquarters are in Indianapolis, Indiana. It runs globally, having offices in different countries including Sydney, Singapore, Hong Kong, Perth, and London. The company specializes in offering financial support and allocation of capital. It provides credit to all companies.

It provides lending services for businesses and investors to meet their financial goal. Loans provided are based on risks and performance evaluation on a publicly traded stock. The stock-based loans have an advantage to the borrowers since they get to utilize the credit even if the stock value goes down. It offers a higher loan at a lower fixed interest rate, thus making the company the better option for people who need urgent loans and are not qualified for the credit-based loans.

It is also involved in the allocation of non-financial based capital to individuals considered high net worth. Since its founding, the company has completed more than 700 transactions for clients ranging from small to large companies and high-net-worth individuals. In addition, it has formed its profit to more than $40million for the margin and stock-based loans and has issued more than $2 billion using stock as collateral.

The firm offers reasonable terms using a safe and reliable technique. Its major success was triggered after the company overtook the Meridian Equity Partners Limited based in London. It has proven to be reliable during the economic crisis by offering loans to those who need fast working capital.

It also provides stock-based loans to those who seek to offer a hedge against their problems. Those who need cash to pay their debt or buy shares for their business can benefit from this company. Equities First Holdings is unique, even with the huge transactions it still takes the operations as their daily works.

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