Entire Police Force Resigns to Take a Stand Against Corruption

While most of the country is in an uproar over the claims of widespread police misconduct, an incident in Bunker Hill, Indiana, that happened recently might just be enough to change people’s opinions of the boys in blue. After dealing with corruption from the town’s leadership for far too long, the entire police force turned in their resignations simultaneously.


The town’s marshal said that the board members had pushed him and the other officers to do things that were illegal and unethical to cover up their own questionable actions. The officers were asked to perform background checks and obtain personal information about people that the board members wanted to know more about without having reasonable cause or a warrant to perform the tasks. The marshal made it clear that neither he nor the other officers would take part in any of their ridiculous requests anymore.


After the marshal handed over all of their resignations, he was followed suit by the building commissioner of the town who said that the board members had done the same to him as well. The vice president of the board handed his resignation in shortly after that. So the town has been left in shambles from all of them leaving.


Since Bunker Hill no longer has a police force of its own, the county sheriff’s department has had to step in to cover the patrol of the area. So the town’s residents will remain safe until a new police force is hired. There has been no mention of an investigation into the legalities of the board member’s actions as of yet.


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