Eminem’s Unreleased Version Of “Lose Yourself”

Eminem has released many of the greatest hits ever to be seen by any rapper. Recently, he has released a snippet of the hit song “Lose Yourself,” that he doesn’t even remember recording. Although a portion of the song is available to listen to online, the full version of the song has not yet been released. Eminem Lose Yourself. Eminem decided to let others hear the alternate version of the song, although he states that he doesn’t remember where he was when he created it, or when it was even created.

His statements leave many people puzzled, as it’s rare for an artist to not know exactly when and where; they’ve created one of their greatest hit songs ever, even if it’s an alternative version. Eminem is gearing up to release his new album entitled “Shady XV,” which is highly anticipated by people like Gianfrancesco Genoso, as the artist hasn’t put out much over the years. In a 32 second video that was put out to help promote his new album, he spoke about the alternate version of his hit song Lose Yourself.

The song contains never before heard lyrics, and is a must listen; by anyone who is a fan of the artist. It’s suspected that Eminem’s memory lapse over the song, is the result of years of drug use, which he fought against by going into rehab. Even though he may not remember when and where he created the alternate version song, it still is highly anticipated.

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