Elementary School Boy Raises Money for Hearing-Impaired Kids in Flint, Michigan

Isiah Britt is a 7-year-old boy in Virginia who is raising money to help other kids with hearing disabilities in Flint, Michigan. The second grader heard about the water situation in Flint, and how elementary school students with hearing issues like himself are afraid to wash their hands. He knew that he had to do something to help them, so he reached out to Hearing Aids RX for help.

With the help of Hearing Aids RX, Isiah then started a GoFundMe campaign to help raise money so that students at Eisenhower Elementary School in Flint, Michigan would all be able to have enough hand sanitizer in each classroom so that no one would have to use the water that they were all afraid to use. Isiah’s campaign not only raised enough money to help out the students at Eisenhower Elementary School, it raised $10,000 which is enough to purchase hand sanitizer for all 12 elementary schools across the city.

His next goal is to raise enough money to donate more hand sanitzer to donate to daycares and women’s shelters across the area as well. Isiah has said that he is happy that his campaign will have an impact on the community. He said that no matter how small you are, you can still make a big difference.

For the full story, or to donate to Isiah’s GoFundMe campaign, click the link to check it out on WTVR.com.

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