Eight Inches of Snow Falls on Southern Indiana

Late March has not brought an end to the bad weather that has plagued Indiana throughout the winter. In fact, the southern part of Indiana has received snow that has added up to more than eight inches. This has led to gridlock on many of the major freeways in the region. It was not just southern Indiana that has been hammered by snow. The eastern and central parts of the state have also experienced much heavier snowfall than they usually get at this time of the year.

As you might expect, the snow has caused many people to lose control of their cars while they were driving. Therefore, many accidents have occurred on the roads where the snowfall has been the heaviest. The most snow fell in Salem where more than eight inches was reported. The city of Floyds Knobs reported more than seven inches of snow. Fortunately, the road crews in Indiana have done a great job of clearing the snow and making the busiest roads passable. This is because they have been monitoring the national weather reports constantly. They knew that heavy snowfall was going to happen. Therefore, they were already on the roads laying down salt long before the storms arrived. This type of proactive approach has helped to make sure that many roads are kept open to traffic. Muncie had several inches of snow and so did Indianapolis. The good news is that the snow is expected to stop coming down within the next 24 hours.

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