Ebola Becomes Political Hotbed in the US Midterms

It seems that even a threat such as Ebola ceases to stay apolitical in the hotbed that is now United States politics.

Politicians, both Democrat and Republican, are quickly having to grapple with Ebola as not only a possible threat to the nation’s health, but as a growing issue that could take prominence in the up-and-coming midterm elections.

While the Obama administration is still deciding on a long-term course of action in regards to the Ebola outbreak, Republican politicians are increasingly utilizing this opportunity to take aim at an administration that has fairly consistently been accused of taking true vision and leadership.

Terri Lynn Land, a candidate for the Michigan Senate seat, has taken the topic of Ebola directly to the congressional race. She stated, in no uncertain terms, that “the President needs to lead…Congressman Peters needs to lead — to come up with a plan to make sure we can deal with this.” Land, in particular, has been advocating for further restrictions on international travel.

Congressman Peters, however, sees such political talk as inappropriate. Haley Morris, a spokeswoman for Peters, said that “it is sad Terri Lynn Land is now so desperate that she’s trying to use a deadly virus as a political issue, and it’s shameful. Before playing politics with such a serious issue, Terri Lynn Land should explain why she pushed for the government shutdown last year, which hampered the CDC and our nation’s emergency readiness.”


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