Eating v Not Eating Before Workout Verdict Finally In

If you have been wondering about whether to eat before or after a workout will impact your weight loss goals, then a group of scientist from the University of Bath in England have found an answer. In fact, many scientists believe that meal timing can dramatically impact your performance, specifically during a workout. If you eat first, then your body will naturally contain high levels of blood sugar that can be used to fuel your muscles. However, choosing not to eat before working out means that your body is forced to rely on the previously stored carbohydrates within your body, which means that your body may use more energy to fuel your physical activities. If you do choose this route, there is a chance that your body can become more adept at using stored carbohydrates or fat as a fuel source. So, which way is better in terms of burning more calories? According to a new study published by the American Journal of Physiology, eating nothing at all before a work out brings better results. When comparing men who ate before their workout to men who didn’t eat anything at all, men who ate nothing at all exhibited lower blood sugar levels at the start of their workout but burned slightly more calories than those who ate a meal beforehand. Although, the study doesn’t fully address whether eating at other meal times can directly influence your physical performance, at least skipping a meal may serve to be an advantageous choice.

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