Dr. Mark McKenna – Driving His Motivational Spirit to Great Accomplishments

If there was a more motivated and influential entrepreneur and medicine and surgery practitioner in Georgia or Florida than Dr. Mark McKenna, then the two states would probably have a supernatural case on their hands.

Dr. Mark McKenna developed a motivation and entrepreneurship interest from his accomplished parents. His dad is a private surgeon and his mom owns a publishing company, both works solely for themselves in order to provide for family.

Like his dad, Dr. Mark McKenna would become a doctor. He would attend the educational provisions of his hometown college, Tulane University Medical School. At this university, he would obtain his degree and become an huge influence on his classmates and teachers and favored as one who is most likely to succeed.

After graduating, he would join his father in his practices and through common interest, together they would start a real estate development company called, McKenna Venture Investments. The two would create an even stronger bond and Mark would later develop an even greater interest in real estate. Dr. Mark McKenna would then go on to start two additional related businesses, a mortgage lending business and a title insurance business: Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title. The businesses would serve the community well and strike up a pretty nice chunk of profit for the family in the process.

In 2005, as it is renownedly known, Hurricane Katrina would strike New Orleans, causing great destruction abroad, leading to many heartbreaking occurrences. Within this destruction entailed most of Dr. Mark McKenna’s real estate business. A sad event in our U.S history, to say the least, but this disaster wasn’t a dream killer for the doctor. He would help with the rebuild process administered throughout New Orleans and in 2007 relocate to Atlanta, GA where he would restart.

In Atlanta, Ga, he would launch his wellness and aesthetic medical practice, ShapeMed. The business would spark interest from Life Time Fitness, and later, the doctor would sell the business to the company. The even greater news is that he did not only sell the business and profit greatly, but also collected an income from Life Time Fitness until July of 2016 as their National Medical Director. What a move by the doctor and after leaving Life Time Fitness he would then become founder and CEO of OVME.

The OVME website is set to hit the online market in March of 2018. Please be on the lookout for such great expectation throughout the U.S.

Learn more: https://blogwebpedia.com/meet-medical-entrepreneur-dr-mark-mckenna.html

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