Dr. Huxtable vs. Bill Cosby

It has been a bad year for Bill Cosby. There is no other way to say it. All of the accusers that are coming forward are like a small army against one. Bill Cosby has worked for years to maintain a squeaky clean persona in front of the camera, but his indiscretions in the dark are slowly overtaking him.

Fans around the world are split on their love of Dr. Huxtable and the emerging darker side of Bill Cosby. In the course of a month Cosby has had new shows cancelled. He even has his most well known show – “The Cosby Show” – pulled from TV Land. This was something that people did not expect, but the accusers keep coming.

Many fans spoke out and thought that it would pass over, but something happened. Famous people in the industry started making accusations. All of a sudden, some of his fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso were worried. This forced Netflix to cancel the “Cosby 77” upcoming special. NBC even cancelled a sitcom that was supposed to start up in 2015.

So far Cosby has been silence. This has not helped his legacy, but fans wonder if this will affect his syndicated shows. “The Cosby Show” has been in rerun heaven for years. People that really love Bill Cosby will look past this. Others that are on the fence about the allegations may eventually distance themselves from the shows. Some people may never look at Cosby the same again.

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