Dr. David Samadi’s Heart-to-Heart Interview about his Leaps in Urology Field

Dr. David Samadi is the Chief of Robotic Surgery at the renown Lenox Hill Hospital where he has been providing state-of-the-art care to patients looking for hope. Dr. Samadi has worked in over 40 countries around the world and has been able to provide hope in those regions, too. Not many people would doubt his talent, which made the interview a special event.

One aspect of the interview focused on his profession. This was a harder question to answer. Dr. Samadi talked about his tenure as a urology professor but also as a well-known TV host for a medical television show where he shares knowledge with eager viewers. He also pointed out his focus on using surgical robotics to help treat prostate cancer. In essence, Dr. Samadi believes that he helps those in need for a living. Being able to help is what drove Dr. Samadi to pursue this profession, and it is what sustains him.

The prostate cancer specialist told the interviewer that he was not always as successful as he is now. There was a time when he treated prostate cancer like many others who deal with this issue alone. It was not until he got wind of French urologists who were using laparoscopic technology to address this delicate cancer. He set his eyes on this procedure and got the opportunity to study this type of robotic surgery for a year in the city of Creteil. It was a transformitive year for him and one that gave him the skills that propelled his career to unimaginable heights.

The interviewer also touched on what helps Dr. Samadi work so efficiently. The specialist said that one of the most important things he does is relax when he needs to. He said that being honest about his state of mind helps him stay grounded and focused. This is part of the reason he takes breaks to breath, play tennis, or even backgammon. Making sure that his mind is always centered helps him be a more efficient surgeon.

Dr. David Samadi was asked how he promotes his services to others, and he said that word-of-mouth has worked wonders for him. It seems that his commitment to patients, his expertise, experience, and his results have ensured free advertising because patients simply cannot wait to share his services with friends or family members.

One thing the specialist is most proud of is his Samadi Modified Advanced Robotic Technique. This was a technique that he developed to reduce the risk of nerve damage when performing a prostate operation. Nerve damage is common with this kind of procedure, which often leads to issues like sexual dysfunction. His technique uses robotics to prevent damage while still eradicating the issue at hand.

There is no doubt that Dr. David Samadi has been able to revolutionize what is possible in the urology field and how much more can be done to make things safer for patients. It is his continued passion to help others that continues to push him forward and towards perfection. Who knows where his passion will take him? There is no doubt that patients and colleagues are eager to find out.


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