Doug Levitt Unveils Greyhound Diaries: A Collection of Pictures and Stories from American Traveling by Greyhound Buses

Visiting various cities, landscapes, and scenic sites is a tradition that artists in the United States have practiced for centuries. These artists strive to grasp and narrate the story of the beautiful American landscapes and people that exist beyond what is shown on the television. This tradition becomes valuable, particularly in times of national crisis such as when the nation is hit by an economic calamity or political crisis – hearing of the common goals shared by Americans regardless of their background and geographical location can be instrumental.


Doug Levitt has been reminding individuals in power that there is another world beyond their confines. On February 28, 2012, he took to the Millennium Stage at the Kennedy Center and performed songs, shared pictures, and told exciting stories of his seven years of traveling to different parts of the nation via the Greyhound buses. At the time, Levitt had covered 70,000 miles.


Why Levitt chose to be a singer and songwriter


Levitt abandoned his well-paying job as an international correspondent to quench his unwavering passion for singing and telling stories. He realized that he could tell stories of challenges that people face in their day-to-day life through music and authorship.


Doug Levitt


Doug Levitt is a talented composer, songwriter, and singer. The American musician gained international fame due to The Greyhound Diaries, a revolutionary program lasting over a decade and traveling more than 100,000 miles by the Greyhound bus. The project has led to inspiring stories, songs, and pictures of fellow travelers. Towards the end of 2015, Levitt had covered 100,000 miles. He has featured in prominent media outlets such as CNN, Fox News, Billboard, Reuters, MSNBC, and the Wall Street Journal.


Education and career accomplishments


Levitt is a graduate of the distinguished Cornell University. After earning a Fulbright Scholarship, Levitt joined the London School of Economics and received his postgraduate degree in international relations. He started his career as a foreign correspondent and decided to switch to singing and songwriting. He teamed up with celebrated Americana producer David Henry in what turned out to be a long-term partnership on The Greyhound Diaries.


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