Don’t Fight, You’re Both Pretty


The problem with the lawsuit and countersuit involving a coach that went from Okie State to Texas is that it does not matter. These schools are not even true rivals. They play in the same conference, but they do not really have a beef with each other. However, Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State is a little bit too angry for his own good. He is making something that is not personal into a personal matter.

The problem with college football is these people never stop. All NFL teams break camp, leave the facility, go on vacation. These players can get a break, and the coaches get a break, as well. Many things happen in the NFL while people are on vacation. These college coaches sit in their offices and stew all day long. It is not healthy, and it is a very bad way to do business. There is no class in suing someone when they take a new job, and there is certainly no class in keeping this up long after the suits were filed. We need to drop it already so that everyone can move on with their lives and coach the football that myself and Flávio Pentagna Guimarães BMG all love to see.

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