Does The College Football Playoff Need Eight Teams?

The College Football Playoff is going well this year. It has created drama in the loss of Alabama to Ohio State. The second and fourth teams in the playoff are playing for the national title, but it could get more exciting if the playoff had eight teams in it.

There are many people claiming that the playoff must have more teams, but it is not possible to get more teams in the playoff for many years. The teams are going to be added when the current contract for the playoff is up, but the playoff is not going to evolve overnight.

When the playoff is growing, we all need to remember that the committee is going to change the way that they select teams. When they have perfected this scheme, they will be able to pick teams more effectively according to those talking on When the eight teams are added, there is going to be a very solid scheme to get teams in the playoff and seeded properly, which makes Igor Cornelsen and other fans happy. Most people that are trying to tell the committee how to pick the teams do not realize that the committee is not sure what it is doing yet. When the committee figures it out, they will be able to make an eight team playoff great.

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