Doe Deere Talks the Realities of Immigrant Life

Doe Deere, the founder of Poppy Angeloff jewelry, recently shared her own immigrant story on It’s an inspiring story of how one woman and her family, with a little grit and determination, can make it in America.

She was born Xenia Vorotova to Russian Jewish parents. When she was 17, she moved to New York City with her mother and little sister. America was nothing like she had seen from movies or TV shows. Her mother’s background as a successful accountant did not immediately transfer to a job in the Big Apple, and she had to become a house cleaner. Ultimately, the small family was forced to move into a homeless shelter. After six months there, they connected with the Sanctuary for Families legal organization. Xenia was able to get into the Fashion Institute of Technology and the family moved into their own two-bedroom apartment.

Doe Deere explains that without these struggles, she would not be the person she is today. She adopted the name Doe Deere in the late 2000s and built upon her early fashion dreams by becoming a successful entrepreneur. As she argues, despite the current sociopolitical climate, America will always be a place that attracts immigrants in search of a better life. It is still possible for anyone to make it here.

Doe Deere’s first venture, Lime Crime, paid off more than she could have ever dreamed. Today, its cult products – from Unicorn Hair hair dye to the original Velvetines liquid lipsticks – inspire everyone to live their brightest, most unapologetic selves.

She also recently started a new venture, the fashion brand Poppy Angeloff. Designed for “Victorian girls living in the modern world,” the brand’s jewelry is inspired by Doe Deere’s own rich history. She first fell in love with jewelry design while admiring jewelry passed down form her grandmother. Since then, Doe Deere has been on a journey to design and create jewelry that pays homage to Victorian jewelry making: products that are made to last a lifetime and to be shared with the next generation.

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