DJing, Dreaming And Alex Pall

Alex Pall, is the second half of the DJ/production duo The Chainsmokers. He began DJing at an early age and continued throughout his adulthood. He always had a passion for dance music and began pursuing a career in music as a DJ in New York City. He was looking for a new DJ partner, when he met Drew. Since working together, they have become extremely successful and made their mark in music.


When Alex and Drew, began working on their music, they had no idea how successful they would become. They worked together day and night to develop their unique sound and were both determined. They discovered a sound that people could relate to and found their audience. They continue to work well together and come up with fresh, innovative ideas for their music. (Watch: The Chainsmokers New Song Video)


Since music is always changing Alex, always stays involved in making music. He likes to stay on top of his music game, and many of his songs are about his life experiences. Recently, he has focused on making music that is more cohesive, instead of having a plethora of unrelated songs. He wants a more balanced music collection.


During tour, the duo wrote the song “Closer” on the bus. Alex, enjoyed working with the singer Halsey who is featured on the song. He is always looking for a way to enhance a track and loves strong voices. He thought she was a good addition to the album. Read This Article for related information.


The duo can keep track of their fan demographics with Instagram. So far, the group has a steady international fan base of sixteen to twenty-five-year old’s. They have both male and female fans. Alex, likes Instagram because he can see how his music impacts people across the world with photos.


Alex Pall believes that his music always need to change. His audience is still growing and he does not want to keep repeating the same things. He is constantly, creating new ideas for The Chainsmokers and wants the duo to remain successful. He will continue to shock his fans, make music and push boundaries in the music industry.


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