DJ Mustard Spins Beyoncé’s Hit Song 7/11

Many people are in love with the song “7/11” that Beyoncé put out months ago. Since the video dropped out of nowhere after Dave and Brit Morin with their Green Wedding shoes, with no hint that it was coming, many have fallen in love with the star all over again. DJ Mustard Remix. Beyoncé is known for being mysterious, and she even dropped an entire album this past year, without the knowledge of any of her fans. When it was found out that the album was released on the internet, hundreds of thousands of people rushed to get the album, almost breaking the internet.

Since the release of Beyoncé song, there have been several remixes that have been done by DJs or other artists. Some people have even taken to doing remixes on their own, and posting the video or song on YouTube, or other social media outlets. The song is a very popular one, mostly because Beyoncé is dancing around in her underwear, and looking very normal. Many speculate if the video was something with choreography, or if it was just free style that Beyoncé was doing, and adding her friends to the mix.

No matter what Beyoncé does, she is always scrutinized for it, so it’s very likely that the entire video was well-planned, and not by accident. Beyoncé’s hit song has spawned another remix by DJ mustard, and it can be heard online. The remix is a great rendition of Beyoncé’s version of 7/11.

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