Dick DeVos Joins An Important Aviation Advisory Council Within The Federal Aviation Administration

Dick DeVos has been a businessman who has worked in multiple business sectors for many years. He started working with Amway in the mid 1970s and eventually became its CEO in 1993. He stayed in that position until the early 2000s and then continued to work to make Michigan a better state to live in. In 2006, he ran to serve as governor of Michigan but fell short to the incumbent Democrat Jennifer Granholm. It was DeVos who was responsible for the passing of legislation that turned Michigan from a state where a resident had to be a part of a union to secure a job to a state where anyone can work, regardless of their union status.


Dick DeVos recently became involved with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) when he joined its Management Advisory Council. He is now one of 13 members who offer advice to the senior management of the FAA. Generally speaking, the advisory council works to help plot the strategic course of the FAA and focuses on matters related to regulation, policies, and where its money will be spent. DeVos will serve with the group for 3 years and is expected to continue to focus on his business dealings in during this time.


Dick DeVos has continually done his best to make changes in policies and institutions in Grand Rapids and Michigan, as a whole. He has used his wealth to support the GOP and has been a part of multiple campaigns aimed at improving the internal workings of the laws in Michigan. He founded the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation in 1989 and has donated over $138 million to the arts and culture, programs that teach people how to be solid leaders, churches, human services, and educational nonprofits and groups that work to improve the educational sector.


Dick DeVos started a lobbying effort in 1991 that went on to put a stop to an event that could have costed Grand Rapids a lot of money. At the time there were plans being looked at that would see an arena and conventions center built north of Grand Rapid’s downtown. DeVos was concerned that the building would create a financial disaster for the city because he had witnessed something similar that had been a big issue for Detroit many years before. Detroit had built a sports arena for the Lions and Pistons, but those sports teams left the city after it did so. Dick DeVos was able to gather together a group of leaders from the business sector during his lobbying of the arena and convention center. This group is known as Grand Action, and it has been able to help with the construction of countless buildings that have made the city a better place to call home.


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