Developing Employees provides higher ROI for Customers

The U.S. Reserve is there to help the people understand precious metals and how they can build a successful portfolio. The employees of the reserve build long term and stable relationships with their clients by helping them learn more about the precious metals market.

Without developing stable relationships sales will not happen, they know and understand this. They are salespeople and that means helping teach themselves and others about profitability.

As CEO of the U.S Money Reserve, Angela Koch, has promoted building her employees up with herself. She wants them to learn their jobs as she has improved and learned hers. She did not start out with the knowledge of running the U.S. Money Reserve.

She started out as a college dropout with a family to take care of. She worked two and three jobs to help husband while caring for her growing family.

Koch worked hard at her jobs. She wanted to know it all and there were no restrictions on what she was willing to learn. She learned about herself as she learned about the different industries she was working in. She discovered she could learn data. Read more: US Money Reserve | Glassdoor and US Money Reserve | BBB

It was a process of analysis where she broke down the pieces to each industry and learned about each piece. From there, she worked to improve those pieces for the good of the company.

Koch encourages her employees to take the same approach as she did to find the ultimate benefits of a company and make really good decisions about each.

It helps drive the business forward as the employees expand their own knowledge. As a person without a degree, Koch has found that there are numerous places were being smart about a job does not depend on having a degree in the field.

After working her way up and through many different positions that challenged her learning abilities, Koch accepted a position at the U.S. Money Reserve. She worked her way through several different roles as she climbed her way to CEO.

She worked to build systems for data collection of development. She wanted to integrate the sales and marketing sections into the ERP system.

The system helps decision making and choices easier. Customer service for the lifetime of the investment is the primary service offered by the Reserve.

The U.S. money Reserve offers information for purchasing precious metals like Gold and different ways they can be put into customer portfolios such as through self-directed IRAs and specifically designed accounts.

This type of development is crucial for the Money Reserve. With over 500,000 customers and counting, the U.S. Money Reserve is a place where the customer comes first and any profit they make is secondary to that primary goal.

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